November 7, 2017 Sanjay Belkhode

20171019 MuzeLounge Founders receive 50 Over 50 Award/Recognition

The founders of MuzeLounge – Sanjay Belkhode and Mark D. Kershey were selected as winners of the 50 inaugural WISE 50 over 50 Award. Wendy Mayhew, the founder of the WISE Awards said “You probably know the reason I did these awards was because I was told time and again that people over the age of 50 starting a business will never amount to anything. I had to prove them wrong and you have done it for me.” Mark and I spent much of the day at the Startup Day on the Hill event at the Shaw Center. Entrepreneurs from countless startups streamed into the Shaw Center to network, attend talks, walk a tradeshow and receive awards and recognition for their entrepreneurial efforts.

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